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Type 2 Diabetes Facts – Straight Up

Type 2 Diabetes Facts

In this article I will share type 2 diabetes facts.  Many of which I have learned through my long hours of research while managing, and then reversing my own diabetes. This is intended to be an educational article for anyone who cares for or about a type 2 diabetic.  You should read through this article at least once.

Type 2 Diabetes Facts The type 2 diabetes epidemic sweeping the world includes loads of people that don’t even know they have already been led down the path to the disease. You see type 2 diabetes is a stealthy attacker, it doesn’t advertise and it uses your own behavior to work it’s evil.  Many of these people are living with prediabetes, and although they may be experiencing some symptoms, may not recognize them.  Believe it or not, some diabetics may not know they are diabetic at all.  That is why it is so important to know these type 2 diabetes facts.

No, Not Diabetes!



What Exactly is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes (sometimes referred to as non-insulin dependent diabetes) is a disease that manifests itself when your cell walls block the glucose (energy) from entering.  Insulin (produced in your pancreas) acts as a a sort of key to open the cell walls and let in the glucose/energy.  When the insulin fails to open your cells like normal, you have Insulin resistance.  Also, if your pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin, there isn’t enough to go around and your cells don’t get enough.

When either of the above conditions exist, your blood sugar levels go higher. So you can see the importance of Insulin when it comes to regulating the energy in your body.  Insulin also supports healing after injuries by delivering amino acids to the muscles.  My Signs and Symptoms article identified that a slow healing wound is a sign of diabetes.  When blood sugar levels are too high, the kidneys produce more urine in order to flush out the excess sugar.  An excess sugar can strain the kidneys because they have to work harder.

Another type of diabetes that arises from Insulin resistance happens to women only.  When they are pregnant, they may get Gestational Diabetes, which has symptoms similar to type 2 diabetes. Gestational diabetes usually goes away after the baby is born.  However it is considered a risk factor for later development of type 2 diabetes.

Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 …

Per the JRDF.org website: “Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease that occurs when a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin, the hormone that controls blood-sugar levels. T1D develops when the insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells are mistakenly destroyed by the body’s immune system”.  Much of the folklore about type 1 diabetes says it is passed from generation to generation, i.e. inherited.  Treatment revolves around increasing the insulin level to counteract the condition.  At this time, there is currently no known cure for type 1 diabetes, although research is ongoing.

Type 2 diabetes facts is explained in the above paragraph.

Type 3 diabetes is a title that has been proposed for Alzheimer’s disease, which results from insulin resistance in the brain. Studies carried out by the research team at Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University identified the possibility of a new form of diabetes after finding that insulin resistance can occur in the brain.

Types 4, 5, and 6 diabetes are much rarer, and apply to specific age or insulin production deficits in either young or old people. For example, type 4 is used to describe age-related insulin resistance that occurs in lean elderly people.

There are also types of diabetes, that would probably require me to get a medical doctor to explain, so I won’t cover those here.

How Can You Recognize a Type 2 Diabetic?

One of the most fortunate and unfortunate things about type 2 diabetes is you won’t easily be able to recognize someone as type 2 diabetic.  Unless you are very observant, know all the symptoms, and know the person well, you normally cannot tell when someone is diabetic.

  • Fortunate; we diabetics (and former diabetics) are quite difficult to discriminate against by mere looks. Have you ever seen a sign that read “Diabetics not welcome”?
  • Unfortunate; your friends and family cannot look at you and tell immediately that you are diabetic.  However if you are always looking at specific foods on a menu, it could become clear to them.
  • Fortunate; If you are careful and proactive, you might be able to explain why you need that healthy snack in your pocket instead of say, buying the movie theater snacks.
  • Unfortunate; you have to be careful in what foods you turn down, and even more in what foods you don’t. It might be that you will have to explain to someone important that you have a disability called diabetes in order to keep from offending the chef.

How Do Doctors Treat Diabetes? Doctors Treatments

The medical community has determined that treatment for type 2 diabetes is to lower blood sugar levels and avoid complications.  You take diabetes drugs designed specifically to lower and control blood sugar levels.  Some diabetes drugs have been used for decades.  Metformin is the most widely recognized diabetes drug, and its job is to lower your blood glucose. [Not to Cure Diabetes]  But like all complex and unnatural drugs, it has some side effects that you should ask your doctor about.

What is the goal of treatment if I have type 2 diabetes?

Medical practitioners will prescribe any of a number of diabetes medicines, depending on your specific diagnosis.  Doctors could also prescribe other drugs on top of diabetes drugs to protect your heart or kidneys or lower cholesterol.  Any of the current diabetes drugs just manage or control your blood glucose level.   For example: “The goal of treatment for you is to help your body use your insulin better or to get rid of extra sugar in your blood.” taken from Healthline.

Diabetes associations around the world say diabetes is a chronic disease.  That you will have it the rest of your life, and that it will progress as time goes on. This is why doctors prescribe drugs like metformin or many others to control or manage your blood sugar levels. Since I can say firsthand that isn’t really true, then there must be another reason for handing out these drugs.


  • In 2008, the U.S. alone spent $132 billion for diabetes care.
  • By the next decade, an estimated $3.4 trillion will be needed for costs related to diabetes.

A wise man once said to me “Follow the Money” if you want to know the reason why. So, where does the money lead? I believe Pharma companies don’t truly have an interest in curing diabetes because diabetes is big money.

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

I am living proof that type 2 diabetes is reversible, and I’m not alone in that conclusion. According to a new study by Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, they report.  “It is possible to not only reverse type 2 diabetes, but to stay free of the condition long term”. In time on this very site, I will be providing information on how to do just that.  I intend to write a step by step list that anyone can follow on how I reversed my type 2 diabetes and became free of the potentially dangerous drugs.  Check out this cool video of Dr. Jason Fung, for an excellent description of how it is not only possible to cure,  but to keep it at bay for the long term.

You can reverse type 2 diabetes!  It is not life-long, chronic, progressive, or an incurable disease.


You trust your doctor, we are all told to.  Does your doctor convey true type 2 diabetes facts?  The medical community has a strong monetary motivation to keep diabetes going.  Big pharma is making way too much money on diabetes treatments for them to just quit. However, type 2 diabetes facts prove the diabetic is not really the benefactor of non-natural diabetes drugs in use today.

Diabetes is a stealthy disease that can devastate your body and leave you living a disadvantaged and shorter life than you deserve. I’ll admit that I started out on metformin and lisinipril to help me reduce my blood sugar, and it did.  I noticed side effects, and continuously looked for ways to avoid them.  Until I found a way to naturally reverse my type 2 diabetes.

My Prediction:  Today’s medical treatment of diabetes with drugs to manage/control blood sugar will be around for a while still.  I feel like diabetes care will still cost a lot when the medical community finally changes its stance on treatment.

If Type 2 Diabetes Facts was beneficial, please leave a comment to let me know.  Also, bookmark this site and check back for more diabetes curing information.




About author:

Hello, My name is Jay and I'm a 'former' type 2 diabetic. I suffered like most diabetics for years, taking dangerous drugs to "manage" by blood sugar levels, and trying to find foods that wouldn't kill me. That is until I completely reversed my diabetes the natural way, through diet, exercise, and vitamins. It is my intent to help other diabetics learn how to do the same. Please take your time reading, and enjoy. Much Love! Jay

6 thoughts on “Type 2 Diabetes Facts – Straight Up”

  1. Mary Rouche says:

    I had no idea that I had type II diabetes. I was diagnosed at age 50, after complaining to my doctor about being very tired. There is no family history of this disease. I’m a male and at the time of diagnosis, I weighed about 215. (I’m 6’2″)Within 6 months, I had gained 30 to 35 pounds, and apparently the diabetes medicines (Actos and Glimiperide) are known to cause weight gain. I wish my doctor had mentioned that, so I could have monitored my weight more closely. I was also taking metformin 1000 mg twice daily December 2017 our family doctor started me on Green House Herbal Clinic Diabetes Disease Herbal mixture, 5 weeks into treatment I improved dramatically. At the end of the full treatment course, the disease is totally under control. No case blurred vision, frequent urination, or weakness

    1. J Guhlke says:

      Hi Mary and welcome to my site. I am so glad you found your remedy for your type 2 diabetes, it is always good to hear of someone else that achieved success in that. I have always maintained the only way to reverse or cure diabetes is through nature’s healing remedies. No doubt the Green House Herbal Clinic in Johannesburg is a reputable organization since they were able to help you.
      I still see announcements of new diabetes drugs being approved as late as last week, but none have been able to claim the two most important things to a diabetic. 1) No side effects of the drugs, and 2) No claim to cure or reverse diabetes, Only to help control blood sugar.
      Thank you for sharing your success story.

  2. Julia says:

    The only symptom that I had was tingling in my legs especially at night after I retired to bed. The tingling became more severe where I could not get them to stop. I thought I had restless leg syndrome. My doctor tested me for diabetes and found that I had type II diabetes and the sugar was attacking my legs because it had no place to go. He put me on a sugar free diet and Actos and within one to two days my symptom were gone.. One day I got extremely sick, could not keep anything down, had blurry vision, a rapid heartbeat.I Started taking metformin 1000 mg twice daily. I am writing this to inform others that nothing was really working to help my condition.I went off the metformin (with the doctor’s knowledge) and started on Diabetes herbal formula i ordered from Health Herbal Clinic, my symptoms totally declined over a 7 weeks use of the Diabetes natural herbal formula. i am now doing very well. This treatment is incredible!

    1. J Guhlke says:

      Hi Julia, I’m so happy for you that you stopped the shaking leg symptom I can see where that could be difficult. The shaking leg symptom is actually a new one on me, but I’m not surprised. Every one of us is at least a little different than the rest, and the way a particular disease manifests itself is not up to us to determine. Although I didn’t use herbal treatments or medicines to reverse my diabetes, I appreciate that they are probably better and less dangerous than the drugs that doctors prescribe. If you were able to reverse your diabetes with this herbal formula, I wholeheartedly congratulate you on your success. My success came with only those things you can generally obtain over the counter at most grocery stores, and a little hard work.
      All the best to you, and thanks again for the comment.

  3. olina says:

    Thanks for a valuable information about different types of diabetes. So many people are struggling with this disease , relaying on medications and not willing to change their life style and eating habits, Hovewer, rising the awareness and knowledge about possibility to reverse their diabetes ( Type 2) with diet and exercise can be a powerful tool for motivation. My father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 15 years ago and he was able to maintain his normal blood sugar just by changing his life style and diet. It’s worked for him and for many others.

    1. Jay says:

      I’m very glad your father was able to do that. One of the most memorable statements I got from my doctor was that it was chronic, not curable, and gets worse as time passes. Of course he immediately started me on 3 different drugs to combat high blood sugar. I now know it was just not true. I also know how I did it, and I think everyone who wants to, deserves to know the truth about how to cure type 2 diabetes for themselves. Thank you for your comments!
      Much Love, Jay

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