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Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Learn to Reverse and Cure Type 2 diabetes Naturally. 

Unfortunately the medical community focuses on controlling or managing the negative impacts of high blood glucose.  Control is a critical first step, but Natural Medicineswithout a long term goal to cure diabetes, many lose hope and succumb to a shorter life.  While not bad for type 2 diabetics sufferers, but I believe the goal should be to cure type 2 diabetes naturally?   Controlling high blood sugar only serves to prolong diabetes.

Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally - Not with Drugs Recently I have seen some doctors taking notice of this treatment shortcoming.  The unfortunate truth is that diabetes equals big money for big pharma.  With this type of counter-motivation, you have to question their true intent for diabetes.  You can cure Type 2 diabetes naturally, and the cure is not available through drugs today.  I refused to trade away my hope of reversing and curing diabetes, for big pharma’s benefit.

Are you are motivated and persistent, and do you believe in nature?  You can cure type 2 diabetes naturally!  Leave a comment or question on my site and come back for natural cure information.  My experience has taught me that nature provides what we need.  Reverse and Cure your diabetes naturally with healthy eating habits and exercise.

Intermittent Fasting to Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Jason Fung does an excellent job in describing the problems we have seen over the last few decades when treating diabetes.  I encourage you to watch at least the first five minutes of the video.  You may want to watch the whole thing as he is a good speaker.  In this video, Dr. Fung describes his clinic’s method of curing diabetes; by fasting.  I don’t any reason that his method cannot work in a clinical setting.

* Be warned Dr. Fung is talking about a medical doctor closely monitoring your blood sugar in case your reaction isn’t as expected.  But watch the best part of this video, the first 5 minutes contains excellent information.

Fake Diabetes Treatments?

The FDA recently published an article on Illegally Marketed Diabetes Treatments.  It appears the epidemic​ I wrote about hasn’t gone unnoticed by those trying to make a buck.  Like big pharma, they promise to treat your diabetes with a pill, some even calling them magic pills (read snake oil).  Unfortunately, they are mostly going with the premise that diabetes is a chronic, incurable, and progressive disease.  Even if a pill treatment works, you get trapped into becoming a repeat customer of that product.  So I want to make my advice explicitly clear.

“There is no magic pill or set of pills that have been designed or created to cure you of diabetes”.​  In order to cure your diabetes for the long term, you will have to include three elements and cure type 2 diabetes naturally.

  • Stay away from foods that contribute to high blood sugar.
  • Eat foods that help to reduce blood sugar and sugar spikes.
  • Exercise like your life depends on it – Because it does.​

I expand on these elements in “Best Way to Reverse Diabetes​”, where you can learn more, and cure type 2 diabetes naturally.


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Hello, My name is Jay and I'm a 'former' type 2 diabetic. I suffered like most diabetics for years, taking dangerous drugs to "manage" by blood sugar levels, and trying to find foods that wouldn't kill me. That is until I completely reversed my diabetes the natural way, through diet, exercise, and vitamins. It is my intent to help other diabetics learn how to do the same. Please take your time reading, and enjoy. Much Love! Jay

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