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Own Your Type 2 Diabetes and Treatment!

Do you Own Your Diabetes Treatment?

You can now own your type 2 diabetes and treatment. Not only can you own it, but you can reverse it as well.  All you need is these three things.

Own Your Type 2 Diabetes and Treatment

The desire to live your life without type 2 diabetes afflictions.

The motivation and self discipline to stick to your plan.

This Diabetes Free by Nature web site.

Educate Yourself

Face it, unless you have studied diabetes or nutrition, you probably don’t know enough to own your type 2 diabetes and treatment yet. After reading this post and having this site, you will be able to own your type2 diabetes and treatment. I recommend you check out the other posts on this page, and read at least the following, and in order could be beneficial.

Learn Natural Treatments

Once you understand this material, you are well on your way.  You should have an excellent base of knowledge to begin to own your type 2 diabetes and treatment for your benefit.  Then do two more things before taking the next step.  Because you deserve to pat yourself on the back, have a little fun and go to the Just for fun post and test yourself.  Then think about what parts of information will help you educate your family.

Educate Your Family

Most of us have a family of one sort or another, your family probably contains your most ardent supporter.  It is important to make sure they know how to support you in your recovery.  They also need to know what you foods you should stay away from and how to determine what is good for you.  They need to know of your plan to own your type 2 diabetes and treatment.  Even my family, no stranger to type 1 diabetes didn’t know enough to be able to support everything I needed.

You can start them off by telling them to read the above articles as well, but remember you are the afflicted.  You have the most to gain by taking control of your treatment. They will be interested in knowing how to support you but not enough to do it for you.  If you are planning to have your family read, I suggest starting with these two articles.  Type 2 Diabetes Facts – Straight Up and Best Way to Reverse Diabetes – Start Today! are two articles that should help greatly.  After they understand the gist of what they are being signed up for, they can help build your plan.

Build Your PlanPlan to Eat Healthy

Since this is your personal plan to own your type 2 diabetes and treatment, you want to make it fit. It should fit your abilities and your family, but should not fit your current daily routine or diet. The leading cause of type 2 diabetes is obesity or being overweight, so your daily routine must necessarily change. If I said you didn’t exercise as much as you should, I would be right for about 80% of people, according to the CDC. A whopping 92% of the U.S. population is suffering from at least one mineral or vitamin deficiency.  The content of your plan need to include remedies for each of these factors.

I recommend you outline your plan and include the parts listed in the next section. Remember, that this plan should enable you to own your type 2 diabetes and treatment. If you have done your homework by reading the linked articles above this should be easy.  But if you are still confused about your plan, please feel free to leave me a question, and I will try to help.

Work Your Plan

Now that you have your plan, make sure you keep it close and communicate it to your family and supporters.  Also, if your supporters are a little overweight, this new plan may include helpful items for them as well.

1. Record your goals…

And post them for all to see every day, remember the squeaky wheel gets the most grease.  If you record your goals and post them where you can see them, they remind you of what you set out to do. A forgotten goal isn’t really a goal any more, right? Among the reasons for recording goals is so you know when it is time to celebrate their achievement. Your support people should also know these goals so they can encourage you.  Make sure you ask your doctor if you are deficient in any vitamins or minerals before you make your plan. People with diabetes are often found to be deficient in Vitamin B12, D, and Magnesium.  If you are deficient in one or more, make sure you consider these in your plan.

2. Get a doctor appointment

Assess your readiness for physical exercise. This step is often overlooked, but is a very important step for anyone with other potential health issues.  Yes, getting old can be considered a health issue, and you should obtain clearance from your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen or diet.

3. Detox your systems

This is the step where you clean out your body’s systems. You will want to do some thinking on the method of detox you use. Possible detoxing methods include fasting, drinking some kind of treated water, eating high fiber foods to name a few.  You need to keep in mind the goal of this detox is to clean and rest your systems and let them repair themselves. You will know if you are detoxing by the signs.  Some signs include fatigue & disrupted sleep, dull prolonged headache, nausea, loose stools, and frequent urination.  In some cases detox can cause skin irritations as the poisons are flushed from your system.

4. Find and take the right vitamins

I recommend you find the best high quality Multi-Vitamin with the term ” high potency” on the label that you can afford. This label terminology is regulated by the US FDA, and contains 100% Daily Value of 2/3rd of the nutrients it contains.  Diabetics may want to look for a supplement that contains 100% chromium and at least 25% magnesium. Additional considerations are Omega-3s, Psyllium, Cinnamon, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, and some say Bitter Melon, and Green tea extract are also good.  Listed below are vitamins to look for in a good multi-vitamin.  You may also want to boost your immune system with some good quality turmeric or curcumin.Multi-vitamin list

5. Determine your exercise regimen and frequency.

Choose an exercise regimen that includes enough strenuous activity to help you burn about 500 calories or more each day.  Remember that you may need to work your way up to exercising enough to be beneficial.  Swimming is a good and recommended method of exercising, along with walking or jogging. I chose running, walking and sometimes bicycling, which all consume different amounts of calories.  I used a pedometer to measure how many calories I burned, and set a daily and weekly goal.  Exercise will tax the diabetic a little more than someone without it, so plan for your intake of protein to increase.  If you are unsure of your exercise regimen, you may want to visit your local YMCA or gym and ask for advice.  Your first target should be at least 30 minutes a day, for 5 out of 7 days.

6. Create a meal plan and diet

Use your support team to come up with a way to change your diet, and settle on diabetes friendly foods. You already know from reading the Foods to Avoid for Type 2 Diabetes article, which foods not to eat. Sign up to receive update notices so you don’t miss my upcoming article on foods that are good for diabetics.  Work with your support team to identify what foods they are also willing to eat, and change your diet. Start changing your diet right away, without waiting to detox, as these new foods may help that process. Include more vegetables, whole grains, legumes and beans, and I found some grains that were new to me as well.  Quinoa, brown rice are regular meal additions, and hemp seeds are a great addition to smoothies. I found it worked better for me if I had help in this area as I’m not really a comfortable cook.

7. Prepare to let loose…

And for giving up your metformin (or other diabetes drugs).  Be mindful of your body signals, and check your blood sugar level anytime something changes.  Plan a routine blood sugar check and stick with it so you can know if it is time to quit them.  As I worked my way through my plan, after a few months my system went haywire.  My blood pressure was way down, almost to the point where I might pass out.  At first I didn’t notice the signs, but when I did, I realized one of the drugs I was taking was for that.  Then I checked my blood sugar and it was at 5.7 and so I quit my metformin also with my doctor’s permission.

Reward Yourself – Celebrate Accomplishments Celebrate Success

Among the most important things you can do is to celebrate self improvement milestone accomplishments. When you are finally able to own your diabetes type 2 and treatment, you will know you made it by the way you feel. The celebration is only for making your plan and working your plan to success. Be sure to include your support team in the celebration, they probably helped you a lot.  Reward yourself nicely so you remember the success of your efforts long after the celebration is over. If you reach this point, I would absolutely love to hear about your success.

Thats a Wrap

Whew! That was an accomplishment, just reading this article and making the plan to own your type 2 diabetes and treatment.  I congratulate you on taking this step in prolonging your quality of life, and probably your length of life as well.

More and more information will be posted on my site as I am able to write it.  If this article was of benefit to you, please leave me a comment. If you have a diabetes question you need answered, leave me that question and I will do my best to find an answer.

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About author:

Hello, My name is Jay and I'm a 'former' type 2 diabetic. I suffered like most diabetics for years, taking dangerous drugs to "manage" by blood sugar levels, and trying to find foods that wouldn't kill me. That is until I completely reversed my diabetes the natural way, through diet, exercise, and vitamins. It is my intent to help other diabetics learn how to do the same. Please take your time reading, and enjoy. Much Love! Jay

4 thoughts on “Own Your Type 2 Diabetes and Treatment!”

  1. Lakisha says:

    Hi , amazing post. I wish I could get one of my family members to read this. I congratulate you on owning your type 2 diabetes. I personally never had type 2 but, I have experienced gestational diabetes that either could have stayed after pregnancy or left.

    I was shocked to learn the news and kind of devasted. The doctors told me to take some kind of medicine. Check my sugars and write it down daily. Well, to make a long story short. I took my meds one time and noticed that my sugar went very low, so, low that the doctor would say I wasn’t doing something right but, I was. I was following their instructions.

    I immediately felt this doctor does not know what he is talking about so I will not take the pills anymore. I started to drink half my body weight in water.

    And ate nothing but protein and veggies. Every time, I went to the doctor office, they began to tell me oh we are so happy to see your blood sugars doing great. Well, I wasn’t even taking the pills.

    I took the risk of trying to get my body and diabetes into control and it worked everything was reversed. My gestational diabetes wasn’t suppose to leave until after I delivered but, it reversed before then.

    I noticed this is something that is not mentioned too often. I am glad that you are trying to help so many people. I shared your post. Thank you so much!

    1. J Guhlke says:

      Thank you for the kind words Lakisha.
      For years I wondered why doctors would do more deflecting that anything else when it comes to curing diabetes. The answer I found was equally disappointing to me since I had learned to trust the medical profession. Diabetes treatment is big money business, as I am only one I expect no more than a ripple in the pond. I think I’m somewhat less trusting of the profession anymore.

      I understand yours was gestational, and probably temporary, but I’m sure the news was near as shocking as other types. Since I have family with type 1 and some with type 2, I was not a stranger to diabetes. But then when my insulin resistance kicked in I was determined to find an answer to my wonderment. This blog is where I’m chronicling my research and experience, and hope that others will benefit.

      I encourage you to keep trying to educate your family members, and thank you for sharing my site.
      All the Best. Jay

  2. Manny says:

    Hi Jay!

    What is the most obvious sign for that type of diabetes? I am quite worried sometimes. I eat too much sugar, that is major issue, isn´t it?

    Thanks for you feedback

    1. J Guhlke says:

      Hi Manny, Yes, that is a major issue, especially if you are exhibiting any of the signs or symptoms. I urge you to read my https://naturesdiabetescure.com/2017/12/03/signs-symptoms-things/ article and if you have any of them, get a blood glucose test. You can test yourself if you have a test kit, but you may want to go to the doctor for a blood test which will give you your A1c score. That is a 3 month running average of your blood glucose level.
      Thanks for commenting, and if your A1c is high, come back and read at least the food related posts on the page.
      All the Best through 2018. Jay

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