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Cannabis Oil and Diabetes – What you Need to Know

Cannabis Oil and Diabetes – Wow?

Today I examine potential health benefits and any connections between Cannabis Oil and Diabetes. Cannabis may be illegal where you live, and if so I do not have a recommendation for you.  Hence, you may have to read this article for information purposes only. I do not endorse nor condemn the use of cannabis oil, except in accordance with the laws of your state or country. According to recent estimates, 422 million people in the world are suffering from diabetes, and that doesn’t include prediabetes. As recently as 1 Feb 2018, the FDA granted a ‘Priority Review’ of plant derived CBD extract. The use of cannabis oil for diabetes is currently under consideration and may change, possibly making this article obsolete.  But if you suffer from diabetes, this article may prove quite interesting.

Intro to Cannabis Indica Cannabis Leaf

There are three base strains or species of the cannabis plant, Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Man has been engineering the cannabis plant for thousands of years to create the perfect plant. Repeated engineering of the cannabis plant created many variations, therefore each variation may have multiple purposes. Purposes are normally recreational, medical or utility, depending on the strain of plant grown.

  • Indica – A medium height, bushy plant with wide leaves. Indica contains a higher CBD content than THC.   You grow this species primarily where you can contained it in a controlled environment.
  • Ruderalis – This smallest cannabis plant is native to Russia, is a hardy plant with low THC content, making it handy for medicine.  Cannabis ruderalis has a strong stalk, and so it can be used as hemp, but the plant is not tall.
  • Sativa – The Sativa plant is the largest of the cannabis family and grows to about 19 feet.  Normally sativa has more THC than CBD, consequently hybridization has produced some strains with negligible THC content. Industrialized hemp is a hybrid of  sativa strains are used to make rope, clothes, pet food, and a variety of other useful items. Generally when someone refers to the hemp plant, they are referring to this hybridization of the Sativa plant.

Cannabis Oil or CBD Oil?
Cannabis Oil and Diabetes - Full Extract Oil

You can extract Cannabis oil or CBD oil from all of the cannabis plants.  The level of THC is how we determine which oil it is.  Therefore, a high level of THC makes it marijuana oil and can make its legally questionable where you live.  A high level of CBD makes it more acceptable because of the benefits as a medicine.

It is important to note that THC contains psychoactive qualities, which makes it illegal in many places. The THC content in Cannabis oil is what causes the euphoric or high feeling. Industrial hemp is a carefully engineered Sativa variety that contains only trace amounts of THC. Because of this distinction, the question of legality in some countries and states changes. Industrial hemp contains only a small amount of CBD, so it takes a lot of plants to produce a little CBD oil.

Only recently has the cannabis plant been legal in the U.S. causing the bulk of what we see to be imported.  Imported CBD oil costs more, and suffers from an added problem of quality control.  You now know if someone says CBD hemp oil, they really mean CBD oil. I use the term Cannabis Oil as more generic term for an oil extracted from the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Oil and Diabetes – Benefits

Every person (and most animals) has a key system in our bodies called the Endocannibinoid system (ECS). The ECS is Cannabis Oil Convert responsible for establishing and maintaining health, and for healing. It contains cannabinoid receptors in key areas in our bodies, including in our brain, liver, nervous system, and pancreas. All diabetics should recognize and be concerned about these four very key organs. The ECS regulates every metabolic process in the body, keeping us tuned up and on track. Some people claim Cannabis oil is the cure for cancer, with apparently good justification. You will recognize a number of benefits of cannabis for diabetes sufferers, all of which have been backed up by scientific studies. Benefits from studies are:

  • Lower and better control of blood sugar; lower levels of fasting insulin
  • Reduced level of HOMA-IR (Homeostatic Model Assessment of Insulin Resistance)
  • A lower occurrence of obesity; smaller waste line – the number one cause of type 2 diabetes
  • Higher levels of HDL (good cholesterol)
  • Reduced growth of tumor cells and inhibited pancreatic tumor cells from spreading.

Natural Remedies

You extract and use Cannabis oil without changing the natural substance, therefore it is a natural remedy.  Although I didn’t use cannabis oil, I did reverse my diabetes through natural means.One of the biggest benefits for natural remedies is there is no lasting negative side effects. Cannabis Oil and Diabetes sure seems to be a winning combination to me.  Our ancestors used cannabis in healing for hundreds of years, furthermore our descendants will likely use it long after we are gone. Hope exists for people in places where marijuana is illegal, the CBD oil harvested from industrial hemp has negligible THC.

In five years from January 2013 to December 2017, the FDA approved 22 new drugs to treat diabetes. Compare that to 20 between Nov 2001 and Aug 2012, and 10 between Oct 1982 and Dec 1999. Drug companies spend big money to sponsor new medicines to the FDA for approval.  Therefore, the rate of increase shown above clearly indicates that big Pharma is not interested in a cure for diabetes.  What it does show is a continuation of big pharma profit over the well-being of the people with diabetes.  This is most relevant to the lack of interest and cause for mistrust of the medical community.

Wow – Cannabis Oil and Diabetes

Cannabis oil and CBD oil can definitely contribute to reversing diabetes and because it is a natural remedy, it is worth consideration. Through your Endocannibinoid system, CBD oil can bring amazing benefits to your whole body, which are delivered through your cannabinoid receptors. I found it quite remarkable that we only learned about this key system in the late 80s or early 90s. As with all new discoveries, it takes time to understand the ramifications and impacts and cannabis is no exception. The future holds the answer to scientific studies on the benefits of cannabis, let us hope for greater acceptance.




About author:

Hello, My name is Jay and I'm a 'former' type 2 diabetic. I suffered for years like most diabetics, taking dangerous drugs to "manage" my blood sugar level, and trying to find foods that wouldn't kill me. That is until I completely reversed my diabetes the natural way, through diet, exercise, and vitamins. It is my intent to help other diabetics learn how to do the same. Please take your time reading, and enjoy. Much Love! Jay

12 thoughts on “Cannabis Oil and Diabetes – What you Need to Know”

  1. Mary Rouche says:

    I had no idea that I had type II diabetes. I was diagnosed at age 50, after complaining to my doctor about being very tired. There is no family history of this disease. I’m a male and at the time of diagnosis, I weighed about 215. (I’m 6’2″)Within 6 months, I had gained 30 to 35 pounds, and apparently the diabetes medicines (Actos and Glimiperide) are known to cause weight gain. I wish my doctor had mentioned that, so I could have monitored my weight more closely. I was also taking metformin 1000 mg twice daily December 2017 our family doctor started me on Green House Herbal Clinic Diabetes Disease Herbal mixture, 5 weeks into treatment I improved dramatically. At the end of the full treatment course, the disease is totally under control. No case blurred vision, frequent urination, or weakness
    I am strong again and able to go about daily activities.‌ This is a breakthrough for all diabetes sufferers

    1. J Guhlke says:

      Hello Mary, welcome to my diabetes site, I am happy you found a remedy for your diabetes. A good success story is always good to hear/read. I have always said/written the only way to reverse or cure diabetes is through nature’s healing remedies. Even as recently as a week ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new diabetes drug, “with side effects”. A key note; None of the current diabetes drugs have been able to claim the two most important things to a diabetic.
      1) No side effects of the drugs, and
      2) No claim to cure or reverse diabetes, Only to help control blood sugar.

      No doubt the Green House Herbal Clinic in Johannesburg is a reputable organization since they were able to make it happen for you.

      This story highlights another point; if you are diabetic and feel you cannot develop your own natural cure from information on my site, it may be you should seek help from a place like the Green House Herbal Clinic.
      Remember, the two basic keys to keeping diabetes at bay are diet and exercise.

      I appreciate you sharing a good success story, and I wish you continued success.

  2. Christina says:

    Hi Jay,
    I found this article to be very interesting. I have done a lot of research myself into the value of cannabis oil for other issues including pain management and seizures. I had no idea it had values for diabetes as well.
    I know it becomes political in part to debate it openly with many. The FDA and drug companies are not looking for cures and real help but medication to make money that prolongs illness long enough to profit. They have no value in cures. Just saying my opinion there.
    I hope we see cannabis oil on the legal list in more areas soon.
    From your research would you say that you find this leads cannabis oil to seem more preventative than a treatment or did you find that even those suffering long-term diabetes were showing improvement and results?
    Thank you!

    1. J Guhlke says:

      Hi Christina, It is because of politics and money that we only know as much as we know today. The human condition is not new, we’ve been around for centuries and have been using some form of cannabis for that long too. I am mixed on the placement of cannabis on the legal list due to the number of people that would abuse it and cause trouble, or take advantage of others with it. However, I would certainly like to see it removed from the Illegal list, kind of like when the prohibition of alcohol beverages ended in the U.S. in the early Nineteen hundreds.
      For your question, I did find things I didn’t expect, but the benefits for long term sufferers was not one of them. The Endocannaboid system (ECS) in our bodies is responsible for maintaining much of our health, no matter how long you’ve had diabetes. From all indications, there was no time limit in any of the articles I read on the topic. Consequently I also found some truly incredible verified stories of people that were cured of stage 1 cancer by using cannabis oil. I’m thinking if it has that kind of power, I’m sure it has significant benefit for any long time diabetes sufferer.
      Thank you for your comment and question, I hope I was able to sufficiently answer it, but if not, please feel free to expand in another reply or comment.


  3. David says:

    Always wanted to try some of that but I didn’t know if it was legal. I wonder if it gives you weird dreams or side effects. But, maybe it’s worth a try if you have pain or a chronic condition.

    1. J Guhlke says:

      Hi David, thanks for stopping by my site. It may or may not be legal, depending on where you live. It seems that some governments are behind the times and some are ahead when it comes to legalizing cannabis. THC is the psychoactive substance in cannabis plants, and I believe that means you get some mind altering effects. Weird dreams sounds more like a psychedelic type of drug reaction, which is significantly different then psychoactive.
      At any rate, most governments that have legalized cannabis oil have only done so for CBD oil, which contains only minuscule traces of THC, and so you don’t have any psychoactive substance to be concerned about.
      It is true that type 1 diabetes doesn’t have a cure today and is considered chronic. Type 2 diabetes sufferers can also reap the benefits from CBD oil, and it does not have to be a chronic disease. I will hope to see more studies conducted to determine if there are additional benefits of the THC element as well.

      Thank you for your question David, All the Best to you. Jay

  4. Karen says:

    Interesting article. NZ is currently having a review of it’s legalize medicinal cannabis bill which is with parliament at the moment. It will be interesting to see if it goes through this time as there are so many health benefits from cannabis and if it can relieve someone’s pain or suffering, I’m all for it. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Karen

    1. J Guhlke says:

      Hello Karen and welcome to my site. It is interesting that it seems to be a common phenomenon that states and countries are re-evaluating their stance on cannabis. I’ve heard of other countries that are also thinking about this lately. Although I’m not really an advocate for cannabis, I have similar views on its use and legal status. At the very least we should be allowing scientific testing to determine its potential, especially in light of the discovery of the ECS systems within our body. Best of luck to your government for making the right choices.

  5. Thank you for this article. I am also a Type 2 diabetic and I have been looking at CBD for help. Do you have a CBD product to recommend? There are so many on the market, how do I know which one is right for me?

    1. J Guhlke says:

      Hi Curtis and welcome to my site I am happy that you have found it. You ask a difficult question on my recommendation though, because I cannot publicly recommend a specific product if it is illegal where you are. That is one of the difficulties with cannabis and CBD oil. However, please feel free to reach out via email, and I will attempt to help you out, since I research and write about all things diabetes that I can find. Please feel free to bookmark and return often for new material. I wish you all the best on reversing your diabetes.
      Thank You, Jay

  6. Rick says:

    I have never heard of this. You have my attention and I will look into this more. I’m always researching different natural remedies.

    1. J Guhlke says:

      Hello Rick and welcome to my site, glad you could make it. I’ve been hearing about CBD oil for a while, but I did learn something from a diabetes viewpoint from researching this topic. I guess it was a sad day in 1937 when all cannabis plants were declared illegal in the U.S., we missed a lot of research time. Because of that, there isn’t a lot of research that has seen the light of day yet, but it is getting better all the time.
      All the Best.

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