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Former Type 2 DiabeticWelcome!  I’m so glad you have found my site.

Now to tell you about me and my journey through my reversal of type 2 diabetes.  You may want to bookmark my site, I plan to reveal the secrets of how I was able to overcome diabetes.  I will offer many tips and hints on how you can as well.  I warn you ahead of time, it was not an easy trip.  However it is one that I can attest to has changed my life.



I was diagnosed with type II diabetes on Thursday afternoon on February 23, 2012.  Being totally unprepared, I was therefore quite shocked at what the PA (April) told me. I asked her if she was sure and she told me that I had a high sugar content in my urine, and that was usually a reliable sign. So she ordered some tests and told me that my doctor was out till next week, so I would have to come see him then.

So I left for home with a seriously foreboding feeling to wait for the weekend to end.  I received a call on Sunday evening from an assistant at my doctor’s clinic.  She gave me just the facts of the test results. My blood-sugar was at 345, and my A1C was 11.5, so I asked if that meant I was diabetic; my ignorance was that great. I was prescribed a medication to help stabilize my blood-sugar, and one to help protect my kidneys, and one to help reduce my blood pressure. For the next few years I was tied to my glucose meter and test strips, and my drugs.

How Did This Happen

There were those in my family tree with type I diabetes and a couple of my nieces and nephews suffer from it.  But it had never occurred to me that I should be concerned about my becoming diabetic. Other than the typical broken bones and normal childhood sickness like mumps, chickenpox, flu, and measles, I had been pretty healthy my whole life. I had served in the military and thought I was still in pretty good shape.

Yes, I had put on a small “beer gut” even though I only drank beer on rare occasions. So I went to the classes on how to understand what diabetes is and how to manage your blood sugar.  It was eye-opening to learn the focus of the class didn’t have anything to do with how to get healthy again.  They viewed diabetes as an incurable, chronic and progressive disease. Additionally, much of the content on this site may also benefit people with Type I diabetes. I plan more research on that while running this site.  Content may change to include more information for those suffering from type I diabetes at some future point.

What Made Me Change?

I wasn’t ready to give up just yet, so I did my long hours of research, and along with some help and advice of my personal food safety expert and EMT, I began to learn the truth about prescription drugs, and the medical community incentive to manage vs. cure diabetes. Many of the prescription drugs have dangerous side effects, most of which I hope to avoid experiencing.

I started my journey to cure myself of this debilitating disease, and in September 2016, my doctor confirmed that I was no longer diabetic. My blood-sugar was down near 110 and my A1C was below the line at 5.5. I was told ‘you can never really “cure” diabetes’, so I’m doing good so far, and my goal is to never go back to being diabetic again. The history of this planet has seen some very drastic changes, and yet it is still here to provide us what we need to live on. I believe the value of knowledge can only be increased by sharing it. As I continue to learn about mother nature’s way of righting itself, I feel god would want me to share.

Disclaimer: I am a self-educated type II diabetes survivor that has reversed the type 2 diabetes condition by using all natural remedies.  I am neither a medical doctor nor a pharmacist.  My commitment to you is to present information and answers to questions on diabetes impacts, through primary and secondary research online and occasionally through other medical sources.


Since 2012, I have become distinctly more aware of the dangers of Type II diabetes.  Also the negative effects of modern prescribed ‘medicines’.  Because I’ve been through this period of my life, and experienced some of the negative side effects and learned of the dangers of diabetes, and because I am now diabetes free, I feel a responsibility to help as many others as I can.  Because my vision changed, and I didn’t understand, because I found so many sites that didn’t coincide with others, because the current philosophy of many medical professionals is to control vs. reverse/cure, because medical treatments are dangerous killers, because …  There are so many reasons that I cannot list them all without risking your complete boredom.

Its about me; If I can help educate people to the dangers and impacts of diabetes.  The ravages of the big pharma drugs prescribed to manage it.  If I can help even a small percentage of children and adults that are at risk.   Or the hundreds of thousands already diabetic to learn how to cure themselves naturally.  I consider that I will have attained one of my life’s goals.



When I was doing my research, I never found a site like I hope to make this one; a site where people can grow to understanding type 2 diabetes, and learn how to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally.

  • Where a newly diagnosed type II diabetic can find a community of like-minded people. People with experience can contribute their own experiences and add to the knowledge base.
  • A site where everyone can learn about Do and Don’t foods, and those which have led to my diabetes reversal.
  • Where I will share my experiences (successes and failures) while going through that healing process.

I will also provide links to sites with helpful information and reputable products that you too can take advantage of. Some of these products I have used during my struggle with diabetes.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will do my best to answer them.
So now you know about me.  All the Best,